The site is at Guelph, Canada School Board, and when you enter the site the first thing is red greeting “Welcome to Canada Guelph School Board.” First, go to the website to choose your field, motor selection drop-down box will appear the following alternatives: students, staff, Drs. Then enter your Windows user name and password, and click Login to the successful landing of the site.

Use process, users need to note is that if you are using a shared computer, please use the log out after each site. For more information or help Google Apps educators, visit the Support School Board of Guelph, Canada. In the pages of a lowermost read the terms and conditions by the terms and conditions, you can learn about your user name and password are the same, and will use all the policy and when users use according to their own school’s code of conduct boot properly into the site. The site Guelph, Canada only incumbent School Board staff and students, in addition to all access is strictly prohibited. Director of the Department of Education will control access to, and monitor student activities.